Andros Island

The island of Andros is unique in the Cyclades: the most fertile and the greenest. The abundance of water makes this place the third region richest in flora of Greece. (Andros is famous for its pure water, bottling under the mark “Sariza”)

A unique Island

With an area of 380km2, it culminates at 980m.
It is also distinguished by its architecture made of neoclassical houses with tiled roofs and not houses whitewashed. There are numerous villages dispersed in the mountains or coastal areas like the four main ones: CHORA or ANDROS (capital of the island), GAVRIO (main port), BATSI (seaside resort of the island) and KORTHI (windsurfing spot ), establishes the island of Andros.
Long time Andros was the island of the shipowners, and still today some come discreetly tofind their origins. Less touristy than its neighbors, it has kept the traditional charm of Greek life.
Adepts of the hike: it is the paradise of all those who seek a stay close to nature, numerous paths are marked out and allow to cross the island. Visit for more information.
Andros also presents numerous beaches with clear blue waters: the west coast offers wide sandy with easy beaches access and generally equipped with facilities (Kypri, Fellos) or other less accessible and therefore wildest on the East (Achla, Lefka , Ateni)
For lovers of history, you can visit the various monasteries or museums (archaeological, maritime …)
Andros does not come to light at once , it waits to be discovered…

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